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New ‘Sustainability Academy’ Launched to Help Dublin Firms Go Green

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By Chamber Press Office, 13 February 2020

Dublin Chamber has announced the creation of a new ‘Sustainability Academy’ to help businesses in the Dublin region to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.
The Sustainability Academy was launched by new Dublin Chamber President Catherine Moroney at the Chamber's AGM Dinner in Dublin on Thursday evening.
The Academy is being launched in response to a demand from companies for help in preparing for a carbon neutral economy. The Chamber said the Academy will help to bring Dublin companies from “aspiration to action” on climate and sustainability.
The Academy will offer participating businesses a comprehensive range of supports, including: training workshops, access to a dedicated series of sustainability events; green public procurement training; access to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP Ireland); support materials; and peer-to-peer idea sharing opportunities.
Dublin Chamber has identified a need for these supports through surveys and focus groups with companies, facilitated by Amárach Research. A number of other services will be added to the Sustainability Academy offering over the coming months as the Chamber continues to work with businesses to identify the main supports they require.
Speaking at the Chamber's AGM Dinner, new Chamber President Catherine Moroney said: "There is a strong will in the business community to become more sustainable. Dublin Chamber is determined to help businesses on that journey. Our extensive research has identified that businesses understand they have a vital role to play in helping Ireland meet its climate targets. We've worked closely with around 300 companies over the past 6 months to identify the areas in which they most need help. What we've heard loud and clear from businesses across the board is that there is a strong desire to make real changes that will make a tangible difference to their sustainability credentials - but many of them need help in order to move to action stage."
Training and workshops will also be provided on carbon-footprinting, corporate sustainability and on the circular economy. Other core offerings will include helping participating companies, big and small, on the road toward carbon disclosure and green procurement processes.
Ms Moroney said: "Sustainability is no longer about how firms use their profits in a CSR programme. Rather, sustainability is about how firms earn their profits. Firms realise it is no longer enough for them to merely 'do good'. They also want to 'do no harm' and this is a standard that they want to have ingrained through their value chains. Businesses are looking for guidance to ensure they take the right steps."
Dublin Chamber is calling on all businesses in Dublin to get involved in the Sustainability Academy, regardless of what stage they are at on their sustainability journey.
According to Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke: "Dublin Chamber's vision is for Dublin to be one of the world's most sustainable cities. The momentum behind the sustainability agenda is now strong as citizens and consumers demand that policymakers and businesses implement the changes needed to secure a greener future. The business community has a leading role to play - and through the establishment of the Sustainability Academy, Dublin Chamber is determined to be a key facilitator. The Academy will offer guidance on the big decisions from experts, as well as training on practical areas for action. No matter where a firm is on their sustainability journey, there will be an offering through the Dublin Chamber Sustainability Academy to help them on their way."
Ms Burke added: “Our conversations with companies have highlighted the need for companies to be supported in making sustainable moves. There’s a general lack of clarity out there about what ‘sustainability’ actually means and what qualifies as a sustainable practice. Some companies consider it to be energy efficiency or waste management, while for others it is about supply chains and having ethical codes. Many firms noted a difficulty in quantifying and measuring their success in this area, while a significant need for information has been identified. These are just some of the issues that the Sustainability Academy will help companies with over the coming months and years.”
Further details of the Chamber's Sustainability Academy can be found on the Dublin Chamber website (
For further information please contact:
Graeme McQueen | Head of Communications | Dublin Chamber | 086 212 6444 |

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