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Norwegian Withdrawal Disappointing, But Transatlantic Market Remains Strong

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By Chamber Press Office, 14 August 2019

Dublin Chamber has expressed disappointment at the news Norwegian Air is to pull its transatlantic routes between Ireland and North America.
Dublin Chamber said the decision was the result of issues with Norwegian Airline and the ongoing problems with the 737 Max planes and not a reflection of transatlantic activity, which remains buoyant. The Chamber said that recent transatlantic numbers are very positive.
According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Communications Graeme McQueen: “The decision by Norwegian Air is obviously disappointing, but in no way a sign of weakness in the transatlantic market. The latest figures from Dublin Airport show that transatlantic passenger numbers were up 5% year-on-year in the month of July to just shy of 500,000. Dublin had almost 4 million transatlantic passengers in 2018 and this market has almost doubled in size since 2014. The outlook for further growth in the near future remains positive as trade and investment links continue to grow. That trade is two-way, with more and more Irish firms opening up and expanding in North America. More than 700 Irish companies are now operating in the US.”
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