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Statement on Ukraine

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By Chamber Press Office, 11 March 2022

Dear Member,

A special note from us today, reflecting on our meeting with the Ukrainian Ambassador, Larysa Gerasko.

We are all horrified at the war unfolding within Europe. Dublin Chamber condemns Russia’s military invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine. Russia’s actions have caused a catastrophic loss of civilian life and the decimation of infrastructure and culture. It continues to undermine the rule of law and other pillars of Ukrainian society.

Dublin Chamber acknowledges that passively bearing witness to these events is not an option, on an individual, organisational, or societal level. It is important that we act through the means available to us, no matter how great or small. All businesses are currently reassessing their supply chain operations and economic, trade and investment strategies. They are also considering how best to support the humanitarian efforts of relief agencies at home and abroad, and how to support Ukrainian citizens arriving in Ireland.  

Yesterday morning (Thursday, 10th March 2022) Dublin Chamber’s Board of Directors was privileged to meet Her Excellency Ms. Larysa Gerasko, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Ireland. Ambassador Gerasko said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the people and firms in Ireland for their support in these dark times for Ukraine. Every cent paid by European companies as tax in Russia will be used to fuel the war against my country. In this regard, I want to ask all Irish businesses to cease trade and investment relations with Russia. We would also encourage firms to consider how best they can provide employment opportunities to Ukrainian citizens arriving in Dublin, many of whom have excellent language and technical skills.”

For its part, Dublin Chamber has met with Chambers Ireland, the Enterprise Europe Network, Eurochambres and the International Chamber of Commerce to discuss and decide upon the most effective actions open to us. As a result, ATA Carnets will not be issued for Russia or Ukraine for the foreseeable future. In addition, Dublin Chamber, as part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the world’s largest support network for SMEs, has cut off all Russian and Belarussian entities from its network, excluding them from any resources, business opportunities or other supports.

Our International Newsletter next week will outline the latest sanctions against Russia and Belarus and how they are put into practice by Irish firms. It will also detail the latest from the European Commission on solidarity with refugees and those fleeing war in Ukraine.

Housing will be the first hurdle to face for Ukrainian citizens arriving in Ireland, the location of which will dictate the whereabouts of needed employment. Once this has been established, employment opportunities will become a matter of critical importance. Dublin Chamber members are encouraged to actively consider and address this new talent pool when recruiting in the coming months. We understand that currently, Ukrainian refugees can arrive in Ireland without a visa and once the Temporary Protection Directive is operational, Ukrainian citizens can stay for up to one year, with the possibility of an extension. Under this Directive, Ukrainian citizens will not be required to use the Employment Permits System during that time and will be free to enter employment upon arrival.


For those considering how best to support the relief effort, please note that the Red Cross has asked that businesses and members of the public make cash donations rather than goods donations to support Ukraine. Please consider contributing to some of our member charities’ relief funds: 


Dublin Chamber will continue to coordinate with its members and investigate the best means of offering support. If you or your business are engaging in relief efforts of any description, Dublin Chamber encourages you to make us aware of these activities by contacting us at We will use our platform to amplify their visibility and effectiveness. You may also wish to tag us with any work you are doing on LinkedIn. If you would like to communicate any related business concerns, please also reach out to us, as we will aim to provide feedback and liaise with government on these matters.

Kind regards,

Mary Rose Burke

CEO, Dublin Chamber

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